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125 MW Solar PV plant in Karasburg, Namibia.


Schonau Solar Energy (SSE) is a 125 MW solar PV plant that is being developed by Emesco near the town of Karasburg in the Kharas Region of Southern Namibia.


The plant will export electricity to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) under the the Modified Single Buyer framework of Namibia and SAPP market rules.

SSE will fulfil the role of Independent Power Producer (IPP) on a Build-Own-Operated (BOO) basis with Emesco arranging all the necessary financing, insurance, authorisations, engineering, procurement and construction requirement of the facility.


  • Reduce GHG emissions

  • Reduce energy cost 

  • Job creation

  • Infrastructure investment in southern Namibia

  • Contributes to national energy independence

Carbon Mitigation 

In its first year of production, the Schonau Solar Energy PV plant will produce 338 714 MWh of electricity equal to 334 345* tons of CO2 emissions were it generated through coal-fired plants.

* Clean Development Mechanism - Standard baseline – Grid emission factor for South African Power Pool (ASB0040-2018)

Generation & export licences issued

Above: ,Pinehas Mutota (GM, ECB), Nico Knight (Country Manager - Namibia, Emesco),

SAPP Conditional Membership accepted

Above: Eng. Stephen Dihwa (Executive Director, SAPP), Pieter Rossouw (Commercial Director, Emesco), Nico Knight (Country Manager - Namibia, Emesco), Pinehas Mutota (GM, ECB)

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