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Efficiency & Return on Investment for all stakeholders by ensuring consistent power production and remuneration throughout the operational stage of commercial, industrial and utility scale renewable energy power plants.

An asset owners primary objective is to ensure that its plant/s produce at the highest levels of efficiency to ensure the greatest return on investment. A variation in production results in a direct positive or negative effect to the bottom line of the owners business. 

Emesco’s Asset Management service ensures that not only will the PV system maintain high levels of technical (and consequently economic) performance over its lifetime but that the supporting administrative and regulatory requirements are met too.  A quality Asset Management service focusses on sustained, verifiable production of power with the highest levels of efficiency.

Services include

  • Commercial Asset Management

  • Technical Asset Management

  • Regulatory Compliance


Reference projects

  • 10 MW  Utility Solar PV - Mariental Namibia

  • 10 MW Utility Solar PV - Keetmapshoop, Namibia

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