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Field measurement of I-V curve on one or more modules or complete strings up to 1500V/10A or 1000V/15A for verification of PV array performance. 

Our experienced engineers conduct I-V curve tracing  during the commissioning and operations & maintenance phases of utility scale solar PV projects comparing actual performance of arrays with their equipment ratings and contractual obligations.


Our specialized data analysis will provide a recommendation on optimization and enhancement methodology, by taking the following readings:

  • Measurement of I-V Curve of a module or of a string

  • Measurement of open-circuit voltage and of short-circuit current Voc/Isc 

  • Measurement of PV module/string output voltage up to 1500V/10A or 1000V/15A

  • Measurement of resistance of series Rs of panels

  • DC/AC TRMS single-phase voltage

  • DC/AC TRMS single-phase current

Benefits include

  • Performance modeling

  • Reduction of system downtime

  • Expedited troubleshooting

  • System performance baselines

  • Detailed testing reports

  • Warranty claim data

Reference projects

  • 10 MW  Utility Solar PV - Mariental Namibia

  • 10 MW Utility Solar PV - Keetmapshoop, Namibia

  • 2 x 5 MW Utility Solar PV - Okatope, Namibia


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